Offering the DELANCE watch to your feminine clientele

An advantage for the watch retailer in the era of personalization
An innovative image
A unique offer
Meeting your clients’ desires
Expression of your creativity
A favored relationship with your client
The configurator: a tool to visualize your joint creation.

An image of pioneer, of visionary
The principal objective of retailers is to be ready and able to assist their feminine clientele. They must pamper her, anticipate her desires and offer her a watch or a piece of jewelry that corresponds to her style and her personality.

A refined watch
To sell to women, you must know them. To sell a DELANCE, you must know the watch. One is made for the other. The retailer who understands this is a bit of a psychologist who is appreciated by his clients.

An image of creativity
The symbolic signification, the modularity, the special stone setting and engraving give the retailer the opportunity to get personally and artistically involved in the creation of a custom-made DELANCE.

An image of availability
To sell a DELANCE, a retailer needs to spend time explaining the meaning and the possibilities of personalizing the watch. This time spent together allows the retailer to create a special relationship with clients.

An image of specialist
In an era of the Internet and supermarket jewelers, the products, service, knowledge, and availability of retailers allow them to attract women to their stores who seek advice and personal communication.

A reasonable investment
The modular concept lets the retailer offer a large choice of models with a reasonable stock. It also lets the retailer adapt the collection to the fashions of the seasons by simply changing the bracelets.

The configurator

Thanks to this personalization tool, the client and the retailer can easily envision the desired watch.

Personalized marketing
Giselle Rufer, the creator of DELANCE is available to speak to retailers who want to organize trunk shows or other events with their clients.