Ode to the ocean

– Océane –

The ocean waves
engrave the stars of the deep seas
with twinkling wonders.


Solar and lunar

The 242 brilliants of various sizes, artistically arranged, completely cover the case of this DELANCE watch and transform it into a diamond sculpture.


Elegant and subtle

The brightness of the white mother-of-pearl and the elegance of the white bracelet give the woman wearing this watch the strength to overcome the storms of life. Elegant and subtle, Océane is a true DELANCE.


The geniality of water

he mirror of the soul of a woman with charm and boundless imagination. All in gold, engraved with waves and set with four sapphires and six emeralds.


Water the source of life

The hand-engraving designed by an artist gives this Delance watch its unique character. Two palm trees at the edge of the water catch the eye and make her dream.


The water’s strength

For every woman, DELANCE creates the watch that resembles her. Ulla is the girl of the sea; her strengths are love and generosity. Her spirituality is supported by amethyst and the number six.


Sensitive and intelligent

All in gold, engraved with deep waves, set with 2 diamonds and a white mother-of-pearl dial at its center. It is completed by a gold thread bracelet that springs from the heart of the watch like a waterfall.


The energy of the vital force

Considered by Tibetans and Native Americans as a sacred stone, coral symbolizes “the energy of the life force” and it protects from the evil eye. The pink coral has an influence on the heart, seat of emotions.



Her father, her star, her compass, she will carry this subtle and delicate watch that binds them beyond the ocean every day. With its star in the heart of diamond, reminds her of the hours of happiness she has lived with him.

– Time for Women –