Elegance is invisible

– Simplicity –

Like a miniature sculpture,
it gently wraps around
the wrist of a woman of discrete elegance.


The Princess diamond

Audacious with soft strong lines, this Delance “Simplicity Princesse” watch fashioned like a sculpture is immediately recognizable. The princess cut diamond At 6 o’clock, a sumptuous princess cut diamond brilliantly illuminates this sublime masterpiece.


The first Delance

The DELANCE “Origin” watch charms through its purity and simplicity. The small, star-shaped diamond at 6 o’clock catches the glance.Symbol of life, harmony, and spirituality is the “Origin” a powerful TalisWOman.


Scents of the woods

According to the wearer’s fancy, the bracelet and the small cabochon (set with a precious stone) may be changed, and the back may be engraved with a personal message.


A flavor, a color, her land

Often envisioned by a man, this watch is a pledge of his love, filled with its own special meaning.Distinctive, classic, yet different for each woman, this magical timepiece discreetly reflects the personal story of a woman who wears it.


A color scheme

She observes her DELANCE “Diversity” watch, which is the marriage of two colors and beats to the rhythm of love. She could see her origin in it – her gray-eyed mother from the North and her father’s ebony skin from the South.


Pink gold is the gold of hers country

The satin smooth, rose gold case is delicately matched with the cognac-colored lizard bracelet, while the fire opal set at 6 o’clock is an expression of a passionate heart’s ardor.


A beautiful girl

The perfect present for a young woman.
It may be her first precious watch, and what is a better way to show her that she is truly a Machaya in the eyes of her parents or grandparents?


L’essentiel est invisible

L’élégance du noir et la pureté du blanc conjuguées avec la brillance d’une aile polie et la rugosité d’une aile gravée à la main, transforment cette montre Delance “Black Wing” en une sculpture miniature.


Reward for success

Her DELANCE will accompany, encourage and support her each time she looks at it. It becomes her own private, silent mentor, a TalisWOman, helping her to accomplish her destiny. The DELANCE watch was created to give every father an elegant way to tell his daughter that she is truly the Star of the Day.

– Time for Women –