Each Delance timepiece is a work of art
and tells your own inspiring story.

– Mirror of your soul –

We are all one of a kind, precious, unique pieces of art and there is only one of us.
The same way she creates her life, each woman can create her personal Delance, souvenir of precious hours or champion for her dreams.
The man who loves her and supports her dreams, creates one just for her,
a unique Delance watch, as unique as she is.


The diamond setting and the hand engraving transform the watch into a piece of art.

Whether it is inspired by an existing model or the result of a co-creation between you and the designer, your Delance watch will be your prestigious and symbolic piece of jewelry.


Bracelets and cabochons are interchangeable at the flick of a finger.

You have chosen your Delance watch and want to have it match your colors for the day. Easy: change the strap and the cabochon, and you have another watch.


Refined masterpiece, the Delance watch is a true art work, a miniature sculpture on your wrist.

In the Swiss Jura, talented craftwomen, heirs of traditional artisanship and state-of-the-art technology, craft these masterpieces one at a time, with love and commitment.

– Time for Women –