DELANCE, the creator of the personalized timepiece for women

Created in 1996, Delance has since acquired its letters patent as the creator of the personalized watch for women.
Our watch, whose form and symbolic meaning never change, creates a bond between all women. Yet, it is unique for each woman. It tells her story, her dreams, her tastes and her personal values through her choice of engravings, set gemstones and enamel, which symbolically and artistically enhance the watch itself or the bracelet.
Often imagined by the man who longs to offer it as a gift, this watch is a pledge of his love and is filled with its own special meaning.
I would be delighted to present the concept to you personally. The following will give you a simplified overview…

Personalization can be done in several stages and to a greater or lower degree:
The composed watch
Assembled from existing elements, which can be chosen based on the bearer’s tastes. The size, the material in which it is made, the face, the hands, the cabochon jewel and the bracelet: “Star of the Day,” “Something Blue,” “Simplicity,” etc. This means: 2*2*20*2*20*20 = 64,000 possibilities.
The dedicated watch
Inherent in this watch is a declaration of love: “Valentine”, “Heart of the Rose”, “Perfect Ten”, “Infinity”, etc. In this case, to tell her with a DELANCE, you have the choice of setting diamonds or sapphires of all colors on the watch: 64,000 * 12 * 4 = 3,072,000 possibilities.
The theme watch
A tiny little diamond set at the hour of the birth of her child, his special number symbolized in sapphires, dates represented by jewels that will forever recall life’s special moments. There is the “Mother’s watch”, the “Anniversary” watch, the “Secret”… and these themes can be combined and built on to infinity.
The inheritance watch
The inheritance watch is unique in that it can be personalized by incorporating or adapting precious stones or personal elements. You can incorporate Grand mama’s gold bracelet, the stones in the engagement ring that Aunt Jeanne wore, a gem that Grandfather brought back from Brazil… and that’s how you obtain a DELANCE that can be compared to no other, a true family jewel that can be inherited by one’s daughter. The possibilities are limitless.
The creator watch
A bracelet, an engraving, a special setting, enamels executed by designer creators who will transform the DELANCE into a work of art: “Sensual Pleasure”, “Rock Garden”, etc. Infinity is the limit…
The watchcase
All these ways of personalizing the DELANCE are possible because the watchcase is in gold or massive steel. Cut from a block of metal, a full 41 successive operations are required to unveil all its subtlety. A veritable masterpiece of refinement, it is created thanks to savoir-faire and the innovative technology. The sapphire face, an invisible jewel, completes its impeccable beauty.
The quality
The DELANCE is 100% Swiss, waterproof, anti-shock and guaranteed for 5 years.
You can ask for the latest high-resolution photographs.
Macolin, January 2018.
Giselle Rufer