A simple love story

I recall a wonderful day in May in 2000. One of those soft and bright Sundays that make you feel happy to be alive. That day, we are celebrating Mother’s Day, and we’re all together around the big table. The noise and chatter of our conversations fill the room with a familiar and precious comfort.

« It’s always such a joy to see you all together here ». mother suddenly says with a tinge of emotion. « I realize I have worked hard, I have worked well and I am proud of what I did ». A small tear wells in her eye. « At that, it’s not over yet, as I see two more round bellies, waiting for a Christian name ».

There are about thirty of us together: her five children, ten grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and tow more on their way, together with the wives, husbands and partners of the variegated party.

The conversation lingers on the zodiac signs, ascendant, days and hours of birth of everyone. Mother recalls the hour of birth of each one.

« Of course I remember » she says « It were the most painful and the most precious hours of my life ». And so everyone learns at what time he or she was born.

Later on we talk about the next happening to organize: our mother’s birthday. It has to be a great party, 75 years is a milestone. Three quarters of a century must be celebrated and marked for the occasion. What could we offer her? It looks like she has everything she needs, and her biggest pleasure is to see her children gathered around her.

A subtle loving atmosphere is definitely present at that moment. I’m looking around the table, see the happy faces and just like my mother I feel the bond that keeps us together. Suddenly I say: « I have an idea, I think it’s a great one ». Everybody looks up, I call for pen and paper, and I start drawing the DELANCE. I enumerate: the lozenge is life, the spiral is womanhood, the stone embodies south, energy, man, the ring of infinity ties the masculine with first ring of the path of life I draw a stone on the hour of birth of her five children, then on the second ring a stone on each hour of birth of her grandchildren, and on the third ring I place her great-grandchildren.

They all look at me with surprise and wonder. « I didn’t do it » I said « it dawned on me, just like that. I captured it and put it dawn. » Then mother says: « The ring of infinity is the royal avenue of love ».

When the watch is made, the result is wonderful, both esthetically and emotionally. My brother asks softly: « Where am I on this watch? » I show him the tiny ruby at 11 o’clock, and he says: « Oh, is that me there? » And I can see again the shiny eyes of little Daniel in his childhood. Now every body is looking for himself on the watch and seems satisfied with his or her position, but especially seems pleased to find us all united around mother’s wrist. Mother agrees: « Here you are all together, day and night » and she adds « you won’t be quarreling, what a joy ».

Later, when I showed the watch to my friends, they said: «It should be offered to all mothers». Which is what I am doing right now, and it makes everybody happy, great and small.

If you like, together with you I will create a unique watch for a woman dear to you, for yourself, for your mother, your daughter, your wife. We’ll set the stones of her happiest memories at the most precious hours of her life.

Giselle Rufer Delance

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