The decision to create a watch for women
Sometimes it takes external forces to activate the latent entrepreneurial spirit; for many women, this moment of inertia occurs when they reach the glass ceiling in their jobs. In my case, the desire to create a special watch for women is the inertia that pushed me forward. This desire became a mission. The mission is to tell women how marvelous they are, the mission is to encourage women to be all what they can be.
There are so many marvelous women all over the world, women like my mother, who are so talented and multifaceted, yet who are unknown. I wanted to make something for women that expressed their strength and their eternity. I did not know exactly how to accomplish this until I worked in the watch industry. I realized that a watch would be the perfect symbol, one that expresses the value of time for women and also that it is time for women, right now, all over the world.
Being an entrepreneur
My father died when I was only seven years old. Consequently, my mother, who had five small children, had to work to earn a living. As she was a foreigner in Switzerland, it was difficult for her to find employment; therefore, she adapted economically by becoming an entrepreneur. She has always been my role model, not only for her successes in business but also for the example she set as a beautiful, kind, and vivacious woman. When I was growing up, I always had a vision that someday I would make something very special for women, but I didn’t know what. Like my mother my destiny was to be an entrepreneur