Montre en acier gravée 2 palmiers, cadran en nacre bleue, aiguilles nickelées, cabochon acier, bracelet en brins d'argent MARINA A unique engraving done by hand by an inspired artist. Discover the latest collection 'Océane' created by Delance.
An ode to the ocean.
Au coeur de la rose a beautiful watch for a lady AU COEUR DE LA ROSE Love is powerful. Life is but a dream, so let’s transform into artists and create our own life full of love ; let’s turn our dream into a masterpiece. DISCOVER THIS WATCH Flamboyante, audacieuse, provocante, la montre DELANCE THE DIVAS Image of a true woman, like Marilyn, a Diva claims with humor that „Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend“. And the man who loves her dances with her. DISCOVER THE COLLECTION Diamonds that sparkle La tête dans les étoiles et le cœur sur la terre elle porte sa montre personnalisée et poursuit son rêve COMETA Family heirloom Handed down from generation to generation, this ruby and this diamond become stars in a constellation, delicately engraved on the body of the watch. DISCOVER THIS WATCH Pour une femme lumineuse et inattendue, la montre DELANCE 47 LUMIÈRES For her birthday Because she is radiant and he wants to encourage her to shine in all her excellence, he gifts her a watch set with the number of diamonds representing the number of years she is celebrating. DISCOVER THIS WATCH

Time for Women

Distinctive, always the same, yet different for each woman,
this magical timepiece symbolizes femininity.
Created in 1996, DELANCE can now play with the big boys.

The Symbolism

Life – Harmony – Spirituality

The sacred feminine is the creative power of each woman, the infinity loop which creates the eternal rebirth of life. It links the masculine and the feminine, water and fire, moon and sun, sky and earth, for all eternity.


The Mirror of my Soul

Delance’s specialty is to offer women emotionally and esthetically personalized watches. Each watch tells her story, her dreams and her taste.


Feminine excellence

Visionary Creator

Created in 1996 by Giselle Rufer, Delance manufactures exclusive watches for women. My dream is for Delance to become a silent mentor, a sign of recognition for women who want to take their destiny into their own hands.

Martha and Alexandra

Communication Experts in Mother-Daughter Relationship

Delance Female Ambassadors

When we first met Giselle Rufer and heard the story behind Delance‘s brand, we felt totally identified with her values, which we share deeply, as she embodies the traits of her own watch creations—creativity, courage and excellence. Giselle has the sensibility to portray the identity and spirit of each women in each unique piece of work. We are honored and proud to be female ambassadors to her brand.

“My “Delance” watch represents feminine power.
From the first time I saw it, I immediately realised that it has a strong character;
just like me.”

Emilie Aubry, Swiss snowboard champion

“I don’t wear my DELANCE (an Infinity Steel) daily, but keep it for special occasions. When I put it on, I feel it strengthening me.”

Florence Le Vot

“My DELANCE watch represent women’s independence, confidence, and elegance that I also want to be.”

Jane Zhu 朱一卉, Manager des programmes de culture et gagnante de l'Award Learner's Voice 2002, Berne

“To me, wearing a Delance means moving forward in a perpetual dance.”

Claudia Nuara, Première professeure en entrepreneuriat et innovation à l’Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, en Suisse

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